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Good day to you,

Allow me to introduce myself and my company "CNC Direct". I have been in the electronics industry for all of my working life, nearly 50 years! I retired recently and decided that to keep myself busy I needed a hobby, you're looking at it!

I have always had more than a passing interest in motion control and have built my own CNC machines, a small engraver and more recently a larger Bridgeport type milling machine. My lathe will be ready soon and you can see the photos of it here first! The equipment you see here has been used in many of my toys and I can guarantee you that it is of the best quality. I personally can assist you with using the equipment as I have used most of it myself.

Click on the photos on the homepage to see machines that some other people have built. Please note that we do not offer any support for Bosch, Fanuc, Heidenhein or any other commercial CNC control systems, I would however be happy to assist you in retrofitting a new control if you wish.

Feel free to send me an email anytime and tell me what you think of the site and the products. I will be adding new products all the time so please check back often.

Many thanks

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